Mrs Sanjeev Rani Sirohi

The Heritage Public School
Nakronda Dehradun U.K

Principle's Message

Dear Student
I believe that every child has an intrinsic ability to excel qhen given the right guidance, encouragment and freedom to perform. the school aims to include honesty, good social skills, intensive spiriyual and moral awareness and tolerance for one another amogest the students the school intends to send forth sensible, socially conscious and morally sound individuals in the worls to bring positive change and peace in the chaotic situation.

The school gives a complete education, conductive enviorment to the children to give opportunities to broaden their horizons. A healthy human being leads a happy.

Contented life and is capable of achieving all his goals by promoting safety to other and then to himself. Our Children should be shining example of physical and spiritual strength amd mental agility by doing pranayama haed work, perseverance and dedication will ensure that our world will be ssafe in the hands of these ethical leaders of tommorow.

with the blessings of the god i am confident that our students should brings : excellence in academics in person and in human values and will work hard to fulfil the vision of our founder president Mr. Rajiv Kumar Sirohi to make themselves 'Self Respecting', 'Patriot', 'Yogi' and 'self made person'.